Tuesday, 9 March 2010

University Transcription Project

Today I had the pleasure of receiving 22 sheets of A4 paper in the daily post, printed both sides, comprising 2 contracts for 2 small university transcription projects, despatched to me in a large envelope with associated postage costs. Said papers requiring my signature and return to the originator before I could be paid for the tasks which had already been completed, on time and to specification as required.

One of life's conundrums methinks. Whilst it makes good sense to keep the good folk in the Post Office gainfully employed, not to mention boosting paper, printer and toner sales, providing administrative tasks for university staff and generally keeping the economy in good working order - the whole exercise is not exactly 'green'.

I wonder how many trees were used, and how big my carbon footprint was in terms of the transmission of said papers from A to B then back to A?

We do live in a funny old world don't we?   I wonder if we'll ever get it right.

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