Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Happy Birthday to my Typing and Transcription Services Business

Yesterday, on 30 June 2014 my typing and transcription services business celebrated its 21st birthday.  Little did I know on that day back in 1993 that my business would survive many dips and flourish to celebrate its coming of age.

There have been many ups and downs along the way and things have changed out of all recognition since the days when I started typing for a living, often transcribing mini, micro and standard audio cassettes where the quality was more often than not absolutely dire!

These days the digital recording quality is usually fantastic, even for those interviews which academics conduct in a busy public place such as a restaurant of coffee house.

I have spent quality hours grappling to decipher the squiggles of 'interesting' handwriting, typed and formatted hundreds of CVs and transcribed thousands of hours of dialogue of recorded interviews with a huge variety of dialects and accents.  In my line of work variety has certainly turned out to be the spice of life!

It's not often that I manage to escape the keyboard but after winning the prestigious #SBS award I was thrilled to meet Theo Paphitis to receive the award.

It's been a journey and a half, that's for sure and for the foreseeable future I shall continue to provide typing and transcription services to whoever wants the written or spoken word accurately placed in a document.  So as my logo goes 'for all your typing needs' I'm your typist!

KPS Audio Typing and Transcription Services

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